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Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Some pictures of the grounds and the Orchid Gardens



Picnic in the Park on Hari Raya Puasa 2005

Lily Pond 2005

Lily Pond 2005

Gazebo 2005

Swan Lake 2005

Shade in the breeze 2005

Down towards the Symphony Stage 2005

The stage and flowers 2005

Picnic by Symphony Lake Hari Raya Puasa 2005

Orchid Garden 2004

Orchid Garden 2004

Little lizard 2003

Very small frog - little fingernail size - on a large lily pad 2003

Butterfly 2003

Can you smell them ? 2003

Close to the Eco Lake 2003

Eco Lake 2003

Close to the Eco Lake 2003

Sun Dial 2005

Sun Dial 2004

Sun Dial 2003

Sun Dial, me sitting on it, 1961

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